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About Kitworld International

Kitworld International, founded in 2010 by Chris Kelly, is the answer all kit enthusiasts have been waiting for! In 1999, Mr. Kelly first became familiar with the kit industry while working for a trade show company in Dallas, Texas. The owner of the company at that time had several years of experience within the kit industry. As Mr. Kelly learned the business while working for this company, he noticed that there was a great need for all kit companies to consolidate under one leading website. This is why Mr. Kelly developed Kitworld International. A place for any and all kit enthusiasts to easily and efficiently access kit companies from around the world all in one place. We look forward to serving all of your kit needs.

Why Choose Us?

Kitworld International is committed to providing the highest quality of service and products in our industry as well as rewarding our customers who rely on us for their kit needs year after year. We strive to be the company of choice working in partnership with both individuals and organizations to achieve their maximum potential within the kit industry, locally, and worldwide.

Our Vendors

Our vendors consist of kit companies from around the globe, whose goal is to bring you the best kits possible. Whether you're searching for a car kit, a boat kit, a home kit, educational kits, or even recreational, you can easily find it all in one place, With, you can now better access the multitude of kit companies worldwide, which will work diligently to provide you with the best products available.

Our Pledge to You

"We strive to be the global leader in the kit industry with brands from vendors built on a passion for the do it yourselfer. We want to continue to bring 'kits' and 'people' together for generations to come".

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